Minggu, 29 Juni 2008

Out With 2 Besties

Agghhh....finally, an update. well, the lack of update lately is all my fault. i've been lazy on taking pictures of my outfit that i got from thrift shopping. but this is the latest picture of my outfit. i wore it for a saturday night out with my besties, Tiwie and Kandi. we were out to the beach. it was a very fun night. the top that i wore is actually a skirt. that's why i had to use a big belt so that the top won't look weird.

Top: Thrift market (under $1)
Bag: Marc'O Polo, Thrift market ($5)

Senin, 23 Juni 2008


So, Today i went with my baby brother, we went someplace and then to his dentist. after that, i got my self lots of new DVDs....(hehehehe)....yeah, right, i still hold a very big love to movies and tv serie. well, basicly that's all. well, actually, the day's still very long, but i'll probably just end up spending it with doing house chorus, or watching DVDs. boring?. nope, maybe that's too routine, but i still enjoy that very much

Shirt: Thrift market (under $1)
Belt: Thrift market (under $1)
Bag: Thrift market ($2,5)

Kamis, 19 Juni 2008

Spoiler alert part 2

Hey, we're back with the second post of pictures about the things we're going to sell in our next yard sale (hopefully by July). we're gonna shop to get more stuff for the sale next week. so be sure to find more post of pictures of outfit going to be sold

The common theme for this yard sale in floral prints. in this outfit, you can find it in the shirt. very cute

Love the skirt. love the pink leaf pattern.

The brown skirt is a great finding. it's practically new. look how beautiful the pattern is

Haaa...love the color of the shirt....

My favorite outfit by far. so yellow, so fresh!.

Spoiler alert part 1

Yesterday was fun. Dini and I went to the thrift market and got ourselves tons of great shirts and skirts that we’re going to sell on our yard sale next month. You see, our dream is to someday have our own little boutique that sells vintage clothes. So, by having this next yard sale, we kinda like to think of it as our little practice before “the real thing”. So, this is some of the stuff that we’re going to put on display.

I loooovvveeeee thrifting with Dini, and afterwards we just laid everything we just bought in the floor and just kinda make a whole outfit with everything we already bought.

i love the pattern in this skirt. the picture don't do it justice at all. in reality, the color is very bright.

I love the white shirt Dini wears because it kinda remind me of a farm girl. but the skirt definitely tone it down a little bit to the look of a chic collage girl off to work kinda look. again, we chose a floral print skirt. well, i personally will always be i n love with any floral prints.hehehehe

my favorite thing from this outfit is the shirt. can you guess the reason why?. ofcourse because of the very classic floral prints, and how the color can just somehow calms me whenever i see it.

No need any explanation. the floral print is just great

Senin, 16 Juni 2008

my one wish

No picture for todays posting. just wanna share some news that the idea of me and my dearest friend, Dini about our business together is hopefully will come to realization soon.

so, the idea is, we wanna sell vintage clothes. we'll do some of the shopping the day after tomorrow. wish us luck please....

Sabtu, 14 Juni 2008

Today's just the (usual) day

today the whole family and i went to the electronical fair in Senayan. didn't buy anything though. i'm not really interested in electronocal gadget. other than that, things are still in the usual mode. anyways, here's todays outfit

Shirt: Thrift market (Rp.5.000)
Belt: Thrift market (Rp.5.000)
Bag: Marc O'Polo, thrift market (Rp.45.000)
Brown Shoes: Ananas, PIM, forgot the price
Necklace: Wooden necklace, bought in Yogyakarta

Selasa, 10 Juni 2008

Gonna go thrifting again today

Yesterday was just a so-so day. I went with my baby brother to his campus. After that, we should’ve went to the thrift market to get him some jeans and shirts, but instead, he wanted to just went straight home. But today, we’re going to the thrift market. My mom asked us to take the public transportation to go there. She said she wanted us to “learn” to use them. Duh!. That’s a weird excuse. I mean, I KNOW how to use the public transportation. Does she think that we’re just a couple of spoiled brats?. Anyways, as usual, this is what I wore yesterday. Since today I’m just gonna go to the thrift market, so I’m just wearing a jeans and a very old t shirt. It’s saver like that, since the main thrift market here is located in the place that many consider not to be too save.

Jacket: Rp. 5.000 (thrift market)
Bag: Rp.10.000 (thrift market)
Shoes: Rp. 110.000 (tamini square)
Shirt: i got it from the local disto, but i forgot the
Necklace: A wooden necklace from Yogyakarta

Senin, 09 Juni 2008

Family's day, Dini's clothes.....and also birthday

This Dress was actually a long dress, Dini got the tailor to cut it to that length. she got it in the thrift market for Rp.20.000

Shirt: Rp.2.500, Pants: Rp.10.000, Earings: Rp.3.500

Vest : Rp.12.000, Bag: 30.000

Shirt: Rp.5.000, Bag: Rp.20.000

This is actually a quick post because i'm kinda in a rush to go with my family to have a family dinner. let's just say that today's a great day....it's also Dini's Birthday....Happy birthday, Honey!!!!...luv ya!!!!

btw, all the clothes in the picture, as usual, were bought in the local thrift market. the picture above was the clothes that i wore today. ok....gotta go now.

Sabtu, 07 Juni 2008

Grocery Shopping

Being an avarage saturday afternoon, i went to the grocery store with my mom and dad. i bought some DVDs (House MD 4th season, Will and Grace 7th season, and also desperate housewifes 4th seasons)....so i'm all set for tonight....hehehehehe...i'm planning to spend (another) long saturday night watching DVDs. boring?. mmmm...i don't think so. i looooovveeeee watching DVDs. anyways, here's what i wear today:

Shirt: Thrift market (Rp.1.000)
Cardigan: Thrift market (Rp. 20.000)
Necklace: Asemka, i forgot the price
Bangles: Tamini Square (@ Rp. 5.000)
Wedges: Mirota Batik, Yogyakarta (Rp.60.000)
Bag: Thrift market (Rp.25.000)
Legging: Pasar Bringharjo (Rp.40.000)

Kamis, 05 Juni 2008

Foto Yogya 2

What i wear:
white long sleeve shirt: Tanah abang (Rp.20.000)
Luaran: Frou-Frou, Thrift market (Rp.15.000)
Legging: Pasar Bringharjo (Rp.40.o00)
Belt: Tamini Square (Rp.50.000)
Necklace: Petra (Rp.5.000)
Gelang: Arab Saudi (a gift from my dad)
Sepatu: Tamini Square (Rp. 110.000)

I really didn't go anywhere today. so i decided to just post the second photo from my current trip to Yogya last weekend.
i wore this outfit the night before mbak niken and mas aji's wedding. it was for a family event where both families meet. luaran yang gue pake was actually pakaian untuk orang hamil, so jatuhnya di badan gue jadi kelihatan kebesaran....and since i didn't have time to fix it, gue ngakalin dengan menggunakan a big belt.

Rabu, 04 Juni 2008

Foto Yogya 1

Last weekend kami sekeluarga went to Yogya for 3 days untuk acara nikahan sepupu gue, mbak Niken. tadinya gue berniat memasukkan foto-foto perjalanan itu dan ngebuat semacam travel diary. tapi sambungan internet di rumah gue lagi bapuk, bikin upload foto susah banget. selama tiga hari di yogya, i wore 6 pasang pakaian,in which 5 diantaranya adalah hasil berburu di thrift market. pakaian yang di foto ini gue pake pas lagi acara shopping di Mirota dan pasar bringharjo. kameja yang gue pake adalah kameja hitam polos yang sebenernya ukurannya kegedean buat gue, tapi gue akalin dengan menggunakan a brown belt dan pake kalung kayu, hasil shopping dari kunjungan gue ke Yogya sebelumnya. untuk sandal, gue pake wedges kulit warna coklat hasil belanja di Mirota the night before.
Jeans:Had it since forever
Belt: Rp. 25.000 (ITC Kuningan)
Necklace: lupa
Sandal: Rp. 60.000 (Mirota Batik, YK)
Kameja: Rp. 1.000 (thrift market)

Selasa, 03 Juni 2008

Beberapa hasil hunting kemarin

So, here's beberapa hasil hunting-an gue kemaren. they are the highlights of my day....walopun pas hunting ga bisa konsentrasi banget (karena sakit perut), tapi pas sampe rumah dan ngeliat that hasil hunting-an gue ternyata memuaskan, jadi seneng lagi deh...apalagi, i got great bargain. the dress only each cost me less than $1, and the bag only cost me @ $2,5

Hi, But Why Vintage?

This Is Me and My Friend Dini

Hallo, Hallo....perkenalkan, my name is Dinda, and i'm a vintage lover!.

Blog ini dibuat untuk lebih jauh meng-eksplore dan mengembangkan fashion sense gue dan my dearest friend, Dini.....we both are vintage lovers. we both loooovvveeeee clothes, and we both are just two girls trying to prove a point that fashion is personal, and that fashion shouldn't always be expensive!....that's WHY VINTAGE!