Senin, 17 November 2008


Shirt: Body and Soul (about $13)
Bag: forgot ($20)
Skirt: Thrift market ($1 for three skirts)
Sandals: Charles and Keith ($20)

FINALLY!!!!!....hehehehe. it's so glad to finally be able to post a new update. finally had the chance to shop at the thrift market again. after so many days without blogging, i'm still trying to adjust the new paste. so forgive the lack of posting. Anyways, this picture was taken last week on my birthday. Ganesh, Devi, Khresna and i went out and decided to did a little trip remembering our highschool years. though the four of us went to different schools, the location of our schools was pretty much very near to each other.

Jumat, 24 Oktober 2008

We're playing the old game

My last visit to the thrift market was almost 2 months ago. i am lacking in passion to experiment in style because i feel like my wardrobe is a bit boring. that's why i've been lacking in updating this blog. so sorry.... but i promise that right after i can visit the thrift market again, i'll be posting more often....

anyways, great day today....went out and hang out with Ganesh, Devi, and also Hendra. well, we just love to sit and just talk,and talk,and talk for hours.....

Neclace and Bracelet: Mirota Batik, Yogyakarta (about $1 each)

Vest: Thrift market ($1)
Bag: Thrift market ($2,5)
Gladiator: ITC Ambasador ($10)

Sabtu, 18 Oktober 2008

Hate the flu

Bah!. after long healthy months free of flu, it's time to caved in. i'm sick, and hating it so much!. i regret that i didn't took care of my self good enough. i mean, what's so hard about eating enough vegetables and fruits?. agghhhh..... i hate my being sick!
that aside, i will leave you with some pictures of me and Dini from last week's play-date with our friends at a little place to eat called "Warung bu Sri". if you live in Jabotabek and know the area Cibubur, i recommend you to try this place out. it's just right across 'Petronas' gas station, the food's great. everything is home-made, it's like a reminder for our mom's cooking. and it's a nice little quiet place to just hang out with dearest friends!

Dini's bag: Manding, Yogyakarta ($5)
Dinda's Bag: Manding, Yogyakarta ($)

Minggu, 12 Oktober 2008

When we were out...

Watched a Music show where one of the performer was one of our favorite band in Indonesia,” Maliq and D'essential”s with some of our other friends (Mas Boy, Mbak Intan, Abhu). All in all, it was a great show. Just wished they could play some of our favorite tracks more. But hey, at least it’s always a great and fun experience to be spending time with dearest friends, right?

The Band we love


Cardigan: Thrift market ($1,5)
Red dress: Thrift market ($1.5)
Bag: Pasar Bringharjo, Yogyakarta ($2,5)
Shoes: Chalrles & Keith ($20)

Rabu, 08 Oktober 2008

From Manding

Heyya, I’m back!. Wow, what a vacation I just had. For over a week, there was no off day. We went everywhere, from visiting the relatives (houses by houses by houses by houses……*sigh*), going everywhere to get the good food of the town, constant shopping trips to the local markets. Yummy!.

Well, I will post the pictures of the things I bought later on. But now, I’d like to tell you about a place in Yogyakarta called “Manding”. Manding is one of the center for leather craft industry in Yogyakarta. This place has so many leather craftsmen and shops selling leather products such as jackets, shoes, bag, belt as well as varied accessories made of leather like picture frames and key hanger. Though Manding is most famous for its leather products, the various stores there also sells other stuff not made out of leather. What could the stuff be?. Well, I’ll let you see some of them yourself. If you ever visited Yogyakarta, Manding is definitely a place you should visit if you wanna shop for great products at a very reasonable cheap price.

Selasa, 07 Oktober 2008

Quick Hi

Hi everybody. sorry for the lack of post lately. i just got back from a family vacation for 8 days to my parents' hometown, Yogyakarta. i'm still a bit tired and decided to say a quick hi to everybody first, oya, and also i'd like to say SELAMAT HARI RAYA IDUL FITRI buat teman-teman yang merayakan. mohon maaf lahir dan batin ya......

ok. i'll be back tomorrow with more story and also pictures. bye eveybody!

Kamis, 25 September 2008

To the past someone

Well, this post is actually not about any thrifted outfit at all. I just wanna use this post as a shout out to someone, someone from the past who I know is often reading this blog. Well, I just wanna say, stop showing up.

You’re messing with my mind....I like you as a friend, but sometimes I just don’t know what to do when it’s about you. You’re confusing me, and I just won’t have anyone messing with my mind like this. Let’s keep our friendship less casual than it already is…. (to the one this post is about, you know who you are). i can't, and i won't have you mess with my mind any further.

PS: just so you know aja sih.....who would've guess that YOU are the exact type of guy i've been looking for?.

Kamis, 18 September 2008

Another day for Ayu-Dini-Dinda

This is just Ayu, acting as if she hates Dini....

Dress: Thrift market ($1,5)
Suspenders: Thrift market ($1)
Bag: Ayu's
It's just lucky that Dini and me got to spend more time with Ayu these days. well, whatever it is, so long we get to spend times with friends, it's always a happy and good thing.

this time we went to Pasaraya Grande. we were supposed to do some (serious) shopping. but we ended up with nothing to buy. that's ok though. we still had a good dinner.

Selasa, 16 September 2008

Another fasting break together

Went out with Dini again. this time we had a fasting break dinner at Pasar Festival. Abhu also joined us there.

Skirt: Thrift market ($1 for four)
Bag: Thrit market ($3)

Nothing's thrifted but the bag

Minggu, 14 September 2008


Jacket: Thrift market ($1 for two)
Dress: Blok A Tanah abang (about $10)
Belt: Thrift market ($1)

Had dinner with Dini again....did the usual thing. loves it.

The saturday thing

I went to Ayu's in the morning to get some rest. i just had a visit to an orphanage with the rest of YISC members the night before, and couldn't get any sleep...if i went home instead to Ayu's, i could be having more difficulties to went out ago. so that explains the reason why i decided to crash my sleepy eyes at Ayu's comfy bed.
in the afternoon i went and met Abhu and his friends. we ate at Pancious, had a quick stop at a Durian place and got Durian juice for dessert (i looovvveeeeeeeeee Durian), and end the night by doing karaoke. what a fun day!

The karaoke place

Dress: Thrift market ($2)
Belt: Thrift market ($1)

Now Meet Ayu

there was nothing but plates of food that night...
Goofing around while waiting for the valet dearest partner in crime and i

Dini's skirt: Thrift market ($1 for three)

Skirt: Thrift market ($1 for 3)

Shirt: Thrift market ($1 for four)

Necklace: Ayu's

Ayu is our dearest friend. she's actually the reason Dini and me met the first place. so, i was in the same junior high with Ayu, and we've been BFF since then. in senior high we went to different schools, but Ayu went to the same school as Dini, and they've been friends since then.

anyways, Even though the three of us live nearby, we really don’t have lots of chances to hang out. Our communications are mainly done through phone and YM, so when a few days ago a chance for us to had dinner together arrived, we just do it. And it was fun. We had dinner at soho, which is great. The food’s great. I’m now in love with its potato skin and are constantly wanting it more and more….

Rabu, 10 September 2008

still lazy

The laziness continues. Today Putri, Thena and me went to visit our teacher who just had a stroke attack. She’s one of those real educator type of teacher. I can tell that most of her life is dedicated mostly to science and to teach, plus she also has a very maternal vibe in her. So, it’s a shame she had the stroke attack. But the great thing is that she has a very big spirit to heal her self from the illness. Well, all my best wishes hoes to you, Mbak Ina.

Anyways, back to the laziness….this outif today is another prove of how I’m still feelong the laziness to mix and match. I already used this combo last Friday, in a meeting with YISC members. But I only change the black shirt to white, and added a cardi.

Cardi: Thrift market ($1,5)
Skirt: Thrift market ($1 for two)
Shirt: Thrift market ($1 for 10)

Selasa, 09 September 2008

Lazy blogger

Don’t know what’s got in to me this last week. I’ve been super lazy in taking pictures of thrifted outfit I’ve been wearing almost everyday of the week. It’s like my creativity and passion to just mix-n-match everything has gone…but I know it’ll only for just a moment. I guess it’s because I haven’t visit the thrift market for almost a month now….hence the laziness to dress up.

Well, despite the laziness, this is the last picture of thrifted outif that Dini and me took from our last time out last Saturday night. Well, last Saturday night was “food night”. I started the night with an early dinner with Abhu and his friends @ Senayan City. I ate a “Texas Burger” and iced cappuccino (obviously). After that, went to get Dini and then Abhu took us to eat seafood (yummy!). for dessert, we went to McD near my home and got ice creams. O, how I love eating out!. Shout out to Abhu, thanks for taking us to the seafood place. You’re right, the food’s delicious.

Red dress: Thrift market ($1,5)
Vest: Thrift market (under $1)
Black striped shirt: Thrift market ($1 for two)

Senin, 01 September 2008

Ghosts?. really?. dunno..

I have a story I forgot to share yesterday. Well, afer I got home, I was talking on the phone with Abhu. I was in my room (my room’s at the second floor. In fact, the whole second floor is my room. But anyways….). in the middle of conversation, he said that he thought I was with my cousin at that moment. I said no, I was alone. And then he continued, he thought I was with my cousin (Uut or Yeni) because he heard a voice of a woman laughing. Really clearly. That was weird because I was alone, no TV, radio or any source of sounds is on at that moment. I then asked him, could it be the noise from the cell phone that made him think he had heard a voice of woman laughing?. He said no. the signal is very clear.

Well, I gotta tell you, at first I was being really calm about that. I wasn’t afraid. But then, a few moments later, I went downstairs to meet with the rest of my family, and all of a sudden I remembered a conversation I once had with Dini on the phone a few months back. Well, it was past 2 am if I’m not mistaken. That night, I got home waaaayyyy after my curfew. And so my mom had locked me out. I didn’t wanna wake her (cause I didn’t wanna make her madder), so I called some friends to help accompany me on the phone while I was waiting for the sun to rise. The third or forth friend that I called was Dini. Some time along the conversation, she said, “Well, they finally opened the door for you”. And then I said no, because I was still pretty much outside. ALONE. And then she said, well, she thought she had heard the sound of a woman laughing on my background. Wow. That sure kinda creeps me out. Well, just a little bit though. I didn’t really put any thoughts to that at all that night, or ever again….until last night.

When I told both of the two stories to my baby brother, he said that one of his best friend had also said that he find our home a little bit creepy. Well other than that, there’s also some “weird” stories about our home, all came from different people. Sometimes the stories do creeps me out. But more often than that, I just let it pass. I can’t really tell if I’m afraid of ghosts or not, mostly because I also can’t really decide if I believed there’s such thing as ghosts or not. I guess what I’m trying to say is that, I pretty much just try to keep an open mind about the existence of things that maybe I can’t (yet) to prove.

I mean, do SOME people had told us some spooky story about our home?. Yes
Did I ever encounter an experience I couldn’t explain in our home?. Yes
Were they scary?. Not really.

See…I mean, even if it’s true that there are “something” other than my family and me who’s living at our home, I guess it’s still ok cause they never really bother us. Right?.

Well, I will end this post with the picture of an outfit I’m thinking of wearing for tomorrow’s class.
Bye all

Vest (tucked in): Thrift market ($1)
Skirt (worn as a top): Thrift market ($1)

Minggu, 31 Agustus 2008

Happy sunday

For so many different reasons, I felt like today was just a very good day for me. It started in the morning, I woke up with a happy feeling (don’t really know why). And at noon, I met with Abhu, a friend who I haven’t met in over 6 years. It was great seeing you again, Bhu. Don’t ever lose contact, ok?. Well, after that, Yeni, Uut and me went to the mall. Didn’t buy anything though. But great window shopping!. After that, we went to another mall, which for me, the place is always feels like a heaven!. Mall and ITC ambassador is my favorite shopping place in Jakarta. It has everything I ever could imagine of having that would make me a very happy girl. Great and unique clothes, shoes, etc, and also loads collection of DVDs. Of course, I went crazy and bought my self lots of DVDs. After that, we went to Dini’s office to pick her up. With Dini with us, the force is complete. We gossip, laughed and also ate a lot!. Happy, happy day.
Dress: Thrift market (under $1)
Bolero: Thrift market ($1 for four)
Bag: A market in Bali (i think it was under $5)

Kamis, 28 Agustus 2008

Clashing/Steak/New sandals

Another day out for Dini and Dinda. We had lunch at a steak house called “waroeng steak“, and went to the department store for some window shopping, but end up buying sandals. Enough said. Picture time!
Steak and Shake for lunch?yummeee!

What Dini wore
Dress: Thrift market ($2 for three dresses)
Legging: ITC Ambasador ($3)
What Dinda wore

Cardi: Thrift market ($2,5)

Skirt: Thrift market ($1)

Suspenders: Thrift market ($1)

Legging: Pasar Beringharjo ($5)

Dini's new sandals

Nevada ($7)

Dinda's new sandalsConnexion ($10)

Rabu, 27 Agustus 2008


Just finished watching "Earth"...and OMG...I LOVEEEEE IT. been hearing bout the movie for some time, but last night was the first time i ever got the chance to watched it cause i just got the DVD. and i am telling you, it is spectacular!. thic BBC documentary follows the lives of three wild animals over a year. Filmed over a 5 year period, it tracks polar bears in the Arctic, elephants in the Kalahari and a humpback whale, through the trials and tribulations of 4 seasons in their lives Shot in 200 locations worldwide, the details of wildlife in their habitat are fascinating!. loves it.

on another note, i finally had the chance to went out with one of my besties again on monday. her name's Putri. we went to ITC Ambasador. Putri's been away in a very long vacation to her home town, so when she said she's back in town, i was very excited to meet her again.

Putri and me
What i wore on Monday
Cardi: Thrift market ($2,5)
Top: U2, Thrift market (under $1)
Skirt: Thrift market ($1 for two)
Bag: Billabong, Thrift market ($2,5)

Minggu, 24 Agustus 2008

Oh well

For me, every Sunday morning means coming to Al-azhar and study with the rest of YISC people. but come noon time, it can only means time for Uut, Yeni and me to join our other friends. And yesterday,went to Jakarta old city or also known as the China town of Jakarta. Even though the trip was for us to took pictures, I really was not in the mood for that. The weather was great, wasn’t hot at all, so I was very much in the mood to just walk around and enjoy the nice views of old buildings. It was refreshing to see those many old buildings still around. Kinda like a small reminder that even though Jakarta is like a big melting pot, it still has it’s own unique tradition that makes Jakarta the way it is right now.
Vest: Thrift market ($1)
Skirt: Thrift market ($1 for 2 skirts)
Belt: Thrift market ($2)

Senin, 18 Agustus 2008

Eating seafood with family

Today was a day out for my family and also Uut’s. Uut’s father and mine are brothers, and we are all very close. Especially Uut and me, we spend lots of time together, and today our family decided to went and eat lunch together at a seafood restaurant near my campus. Very much fun indeed. The food was awesome (I regret that I didn’t prepare my camera for this occasion, because in the middle of the lunch, the battery went off!.... so, no taking pictures of the foods for me..), and we all laughed a lot!

While we were waiting for the food.....

My Funny uncle

My cousin, my dad, my baby brother, and my mom

Jacket: Thrift market ($1,5)

Bag: Thrift market ($2,5)


Last Sunday was Indonesia’s 68th independence day. Uut and me was in the mood to went out and took pictures of one of Indonesia’s landmark, Monas (national monument). So, Sunday morning after we finished our study in YISC,we immediately went to monas. The place was majorly crowded…plus the weather was just too damn hot. But it was very much fun. Happy anniversary, my dearest country.

Monas, 137m-tall obelisk with 35 kilos of solid gold shaped into flames up top

Our national flags, red and white

The flowers from the tree at Monas' park

There is also a section in the park with deers in it!...too cute!

What i was wearing

Dress: Thrift market ($1,5)

Cardi: Thrift market (Elle Sports, $1,5)

Bag: Thrift market ($1)