Rabu, 08 Oktober 2008

From Manding

Heyya, I’m back!. Wow, what a vacation I just had. For over a week, there was no off day. We went everywhere, from visiting the relatives (houses by houses by houses by houses……*sigh*), going everywhere to get the good food of the town, constant shopping trips to the local markets. Yummy!.

Well, I will post the pictures of the things I bought later on. But now, I’d like to tell you about a place in Yogyakarta called “Manding”. Manding is one of the center for leather craft industry in Yogyakarta. This place has so many leather craftsmen and shops selling leather products such as jackets, shoes, bag, belt as well as varied accessories made of leather like picture frames and key hanger. Though Manding is most famous for its leather products, the various stores there also sells other stuff not made out of leather. What could the stuff be?. Well, I’ll let you see some of them yourself. If you ever visited Yogyakarta, Manding is definitely a place you should visit if you wanna shop for great products at a very reasonable cheap price.

3 komentar:

Eleh mengatakan...

i adore those rattan bags!!! and oh. salam lebaran ya : )

2D mengatakan...

Hi, and Selamat lebaran to you too. welcome to this blog. well, both of us here really love your blog. we always wait to see what and how will you wear your outfits. it's always an inspiration!.

qoyie mengatakan...

Hai sista, di sana bisa pesen sepatu-sepatu gt gak ya? kalo boots-boots pernah liet gak disana? kalo ada pengen coba pesen kesana deh...thx info n story nya ;)