Sabtu, 18 Oktober 2008

Hate the flu

Bah!. after long healthy months free of flu, it's time to caved in. i'm sick, and hating it so much!. i regret that i didn't took care of my self good enough. i mean, what's so hard about eating enough vegetables and fruits?. agghhhh..... i hate my being sick!
that aside, i will leave you with some pictures of me and Dini from last week's play-date with our friends at a little place to eat called "Warung bu Sri". if you live in Jabotabek and know the area Cibubur, i recommend you to try this place out. it's just right across 'Petronas' gas station, the food's great. everything is home-made, it's like a reminder for our mom's cooking. and it's a nice little quiet place to just hang out with dearest friends!

Dini's bag: Manding, Yogyakarta ($5)
Dinda's Bag: Manding, Yogyakarta ($)

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You girls are looking very cute!