Senin, 04 Mei 2009

Out to the beach

Shirt: Thrift Market ($1,5)
Skirt: Thrift Market ($1)
Leggings: Pasar Festival ($3)
Umbrella: Ayu's
a few months back, me and some friends went to Anyer and Carita beach to accompany our dearest friend, Ayu to her pre-wedding photo shoot. this is what i wore then.

I'm Baaaccckkkk

Dress: Thrift market ($1,5)
Black Cardigan: Borrowed from Dini
Pink Leggings: WTC Serpong ($3)
Shoes: Marie Claire ($20)

woooowwww.....can't believe it's been too long since i last wrote a post to this blog. and i am truly feeling sorry for that.

it's been a roller coaster months these past 6 months. but hopefully, i've touched a more stable ground now and can finally post any postings to this blog regularly.

oke, this picture was taken last saturday night when me and some friends went to a club for a charity music event for the victims of "Situ Gintung"

i hope that i can keep my promise to keep this blog alive...i really do love thrift shopping.

Senin, 17 November 2008


Shirt: Body and Soul (about $13)
Bag: forgot ($20)
Skirt: Thrift market ($1 for three skirts)
Sandals: Charles and Keith ($20)

FINALLY!!!!!....hehehehe. it's so glad to finally be able to post a new update. finally had the chance to shop at the thrift market again. after so many days without blogging, i'm still trying to adjust the new paste. so forgive the lack of posting. Anyways, this picture was taken last week on my birthday. Ganesh, Devi, Khresna and i went out and decided to did a little trip remembering our highschool years. though the four of us went to different schools, the location of our schools was pretty much very near to each other.

Jumat, 24 Oktober 2008

We're playing the old game

My last visit to the thrift market was almost 2 months ago. i am lacking in passion to experiment in style because i feel like my wardrobe is a bit boring. that's why i've been lacking in updating this blog. so sorry.... but i promise that right after i can visit the thrift market again, i'll be posting more often....

anyways, great day today....went out and hang out with Ganesh, Devi, and also Hendra. well, we just love to sit and just talk,and talk,and talk for hours.....

Neclace and Bracelet: Mirota Batik, Yogyakarta (about $1 each)

Vest: Thrift market ($1)
Bag: Thrift market ($2,5)
Gladiator: ITC Ambasador ($10)

Sabtu, 18 Oktober 2008

Hate the flu

Bah!. after long healthy months free of flu, it's time to caved in. i'm sick, and hating it so much!. i regret that i didn't took care of my self good enough. i mean, what's so hard about eating enough vegetables and fruits?. agghhhh..... i hate my being sick!
that aside, i will leave you with some pictures of me and Dini from last week's play-date with our friends at a little place to eat called "Warung bu Sri". if you live in Jabotabek and know the area Cibubur, i recommend you to try this place out. it's just right across 'Petronas' gas station, the food's great. everything is home-made, it's like a reminder for our mom's cooking. and it's a nice little quiet place to just hang out with dearest friends!

Dini's bag: Manding, Yogyakarta ($5)
Dinda's Bag: Manding, Yogyakarta ($)

Minggu, 12 Oktober 2008

When we were out...

Watched a Music show where one of the performer was one of our favorite band in Indonesia,” Maliq and D'essential”s with some of our other friends (Mas Boy, Mbak Intan, Abhu). All in all, it was a great show. Just wished they could play some of our favorite tracks more. But hey, at least it’s always a great and fun experience to be spending time with dearest friends, right?

The Band we love


Cardigan: Thrift market ($1,5)
Red dress: Thrift market ($1.5)
Bag: Pasar Bringharjo, Yogyakarta ($2,5)
Shoes: Chalrles & Keith ($20)

Rabu, 08 Oktober 2008

From Manding

Heyya, I’m back!. Wow, what a vacation I just had. For over a week, there was no off day. We went everywhere, from visiting the relatives (houses by houses by houses by houses……*sigh*), going everywhere to get the good food of the town, constant shopping trips to the local markets. Yummy!.

Well, I will post the pictures of the things I bought later on. But now, I’d like to tell you about a place in Yogyakarta called “Manding”. Manding is one of the center for leather craft industry in Yogyakarta. This place has so many leather craftsmen and shops selling leather products such as jackets, shoes, bag, belt as well as varied accessories made of leather like picture frames and key hanger. Though Manding is most famous for its leather products, the various stores there also sells other stuff not made out of leather. What could the stuff be?. Well, I’ll let you see some of them yourself. If you ever visited Yogyakarta, Manding is definitely a place you should visit if you wanna shop for great products at a very reasonable cheap price.