Kamis, 31 Juli 2008

O How i love my blended coffee

Last night Dini and me met at a mall near our house (from mine it's less than 10minutes) and we went to the coffee shop where i got my favorite ice coffee blended. we just sat there, talk, laugh, flipping through magazines for a couple of hours. oya, Dini just got her hair cut right before we met. here's how her new hair looks like

Dini's Bag: Thrift market ($1)
What i wore last night

Jacket: Logo jeans (about $12)
Dress: Thrift market (under $1)
Bag: Thrift market (under $1)

Senin, 28 Juli 2008

Youth Islamic Study Club

Still remember when I told you I was enlisting my self in a pengajian Al-Azhar?. Well, last Saturday and Sunday was the procession of welcoming the new members. It was very much fun, they had guests (very inspiring guests indeed), and also games. Well, I am now very excited in becoming the member of YISC Al-Azhar. And here’s what I wore on Saturday.

Dress: Thrift market ($2)
Cardi: Thrift market ($1.5)
Bag: Thrift market ($3)

Kamis, 24 Juli 2008


Today I went to the movie with Kandi and Datu to watched “Hancock”. Well, I think it was pretty good, entertaining. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s sad. But that’s it. And then, after we finished watching the movie, my baby brother and I went to the traditional market to shop for vegetables and such. My mom isn’t feeling to well, so I’m gonna cook us all dinner tonight. Ok, about what I wore today, the dress was actually very long but today I got it cut to make it kinda a symmetry like. Well, I like it.

Dress: Thrift market ($2)
Bag: Thrift market ($1)

Minggu, 20 Juli 2008

Wanted (By me): James McAvoy!

Yesterday was fun. After finishing the registration needed in Al-Azhar mosque, Uut, Dini, Arif, Ario and I went to planet Hollywood to watch “Wanted”. I think it’s a good movie. I’m not a big fan of action movie, but I think it’s good. The action’s good, but the main factor why I like it is because James McAvoy…..my,my,my, he is yummy in that movie. Well, I’ve only seen him im some of his movies, but I must say that his performance in “Wanted” is my favorite. I love him now….


What i wore yesterday

Green top: Orange (forgot the price)

Yellow top (skirt, worn as a top): Thrift market ($1)

Sabtu, 19 Juli 2008

Dinda and Dini out

So here’s what I wore to accompany Dini to Dina’s house. Well, I kinda think it’s a little funny. Dini and Dinda spend their Saturday night with Dina. It was quite fun actually, mainly because Dina just had 2 beautiful nephews, and also her 5 years old sister is very cute….i love little children.
In a few hours I’m gonna be meeting with Uut. She’s going to accompany me to enlist in a pengajian in Al-Azhar. Well, I better prepare. See you in the next post!

Cardi: Thrift market ($2)
Top: Thrift market ($1)

Jumat, 18 Juli 2008


As it is another Saturday, my family and me are going to the mall to do the usual thing of grocery shopping, a little window shopping, and a little personal shopping for me. Hehehehe….well, I can guarantee that the items that I will buy is some DVDs. Anyways, here’s what I wear today. Oya, Dini’s supposed to take me to accompany her to her friend’s house this afternoon. At her request, I will be wearing “all thrifted” outfit. Gonna post that later though.

Shirt: my mom's
Necklace: Mirota Batik, Yogyakarta (under $2)
Vest: Thrift market (under $1)

Selasa, 15 Juli 2008

Last Sunday my cousin, Uut came to my place. I took her to the mall because she wanted to get a cake for her boyfriend’s mom. Uut’s boyfriend, Desta live near my home, so before she went to his place I got the chance did her outfit, but I was left with only quite limited options, so I just went with what I have in my closet.
Here’s what Uut wore:

Red shirt: Thrift market (under$1)
Black striped shirt: Thrift market (under $1)
Bag: Ananas, Thrift market ($1)
Here's what i wore:
Vest: Thrift market (under $1)
Skirt: Thrift market ($1)
Bag: Thrift market ($4,5)

Seafood with dearest friends

Yesterday Dini and me went to our best friend’s house, Ayu. Turned out yesterday was Ayu’s dad birthday, so to celebrate, the family took us to eat seafood. The food was all very delicious. Happy birthday, Om Budi.
By the way, regarding what I wore yesterday, it turned out that my outfit was quite weird because there was many eyes looked at me and kinda laugh, but I gotta tell you that I did not care at all, even when my baby brother said that my outfit was kinda weird. I mean, I guess it’s because I’m still in the process of finding my own personal fashion style, there’s so many style of fashion out there and I like almost every style, but I still wanna use every outfit as my own personal stye. So I guess there will still many chances in the future where I will wear another weird outfits, but as long as it’s unique and it’s my style then I won’t care. It’s true that I feel liberated by fashion, but more exact, I feel liberated by my own personal fashion style.

Shirt: my brother’s
Belt: my mom’s
Pants: my dad’s

Sabtu, 12 Juli 2008

Saturday night

So, this evening my uncle, aunties and cousins came to visit us at home, and then after that i, together with my mom and baby brother went to a wedding reception of my childhood friend's sister. seeing some of my childhoon friendskinda makes me sad, mostly because i no longer hang around with them. well, it's commonly assume between those people that i am just a very snob girl, and i am very used with people think of me as a snob girl. my main problem is because i hate small talks, i can not do small talks, so yeah, if then that kind of attitude is percieved as a snob-ness, so be it. i really don't care anymore. i mean, i've come to a point where i no longer care about what people may think or feel of me. i mean, why should i?. i have lots of more important things in my life right now. hahahaha....enough. btw, the brown dress that i wore earlier in the evening is also a find from the thrift market. the price is under $1......God, i love my local thrift market, and i loooovvveeeee thrifting!

Rabu, 09 Juli 2008

Kungfu Panda

Yesterday was quite a long day for me. I went to my mom’s office and then I continued with a trip to the thrift market. When I got home, my aunties and two little cousins came to visit, and in the night I went with my cousins to the mall to watch Kungfu Panda. So, here’s what I wore yesterday:
Vest: Thrift market (under $1)
Bag: Thrift market ($1)

Senin, 07 Juli 2008


Not much to tell as i myself am in a bit dry phase....dry as in too lazy to tell any story. well, it's also maybe because i have nothing much going on lately. but anyways, it always makes me feel spirited to tell about thrifted outfit!. like the one i wore on the picture, i wore it yesterday when i suddenly became the driver for my mother. she had an invitation for a wedding reception, and i was in no mood to do serious make up-ing and dressing fancy, so i told her that i just drove her to the place and stayed in the car. hahahaha...to tell you the truth, it was not boring at all because the other night i had no sleep at all. so while waiting for my mom in the party, i just fell asleep in the car.

White shirt: Thrift market (under $1)
Black shirt: Thrift market (under $1)
Bag: Billabong, thrift market ($2,5)
Belt: Thrift market (under $1)
Shoes: ITC Kuningan ($3,5)