Minggu, 31 Agustus 2008

Happy sunday

For so many different reasons, I felt like today was just a very good day for me. It started in the morning, I woke up with a happy feeling (don’t really know why). And at noon, I met with Abhu, a friend who I haven’t met in over 6 years. It was great seeing you again, Bhu. Don’t ever lose contact, ok?. Well, after that, Yeni, Uut and me went to the mall. Didn’t buy anything though. But great window shopping!. After that, we went to another mall, which for me, the place is always feels like a heaven!. Mall and ITC ambassador is my favorite shopping place in Jakarta. It has everything I ever could imagine of having that would make me a very happy girl. Great and unique clothes, shoes, etc, and also loads collection of DVDs. Of course, I went crazy and bought my self lots of DVDs. After that, we went to Dini’s office to pick her up. With Dini with us, the force is complete. We gossip, laughed and also ate a lot!. Happy, happy day.
Dress: Thrift market (under $1)
Bolero: Thrift market ($1 for four)
Bag: A market in Bali (i think it was under $5)

Kamis, 28 Agustus 2008

Clashing/Steak/New sandals

Another day out for Dini and Dinda. We had lunch at a steak house called “waroeng steak“, and went to the department store for some window shopping, but end up buying sandals. Enough said. Picture time!
Steak and Shake for lunch?yummeee!

What Dini wore
Dress: Thrift market ($2 for three dresses)
Legging: ITC Ambasador ($3)
What Dinda wore

Cardi: Thrift market ($2,5)

Skirt: Thrift market ($1)

Suspenders: Thrift market ($1)

Legging: Pasar Beringharjo ($5)

Dini's new sandals

Nevada ($7)

Dinda's new sandalsConnexion ($10)

Rabu, 27 Agustus 2008


Just finished watching "Earth"...and OMG...I LOVEEEEE IT. been hearing bout the movie for some time, but last night was the first time i ever got the chance to watched it cause i just got the DVD. and i am telling you, it is spectacular!. thic BBC documentary follows the lives of three wild animals over a year. Filmed over a 5 year period, it tracks polar bears in the Arctic, elephants in the Kalahari and a humpback whale, through the trials and tribulations of 4 seasons in their lives Shot in 200 locations worldwide, the details of wildlife in their habitat are fascinating!. loves it.

on another note, i finally had the chance to went out with one of my besties again on monday. her name's Putri. we went to ITC Ambasador. Putri's been away in a very long vacation to her home town, so when she said she's back in town, i was very excited to meet her again.

Putri and me
What i wore on Monday
Cardi: Thrift market ($2,5)
Top: U2, Thrift market (under $1)
Skirt: Thrift market ($1 for two)
Bag: Billabong, Thrift market ($2,5)

Minggu, 24 Agustus 2008

Oh well

For me, every Sunday morning means coming to Al-azhar and study with the rest of YISC people. but come noon time, it can only means time for Uut, Yeni and me to join our other friends. And yesterday,went to Jakarta old city or also known as the China town of Jakarta. Even though the trip was for us to took pictures, I really was not in the mood for that. The weather was great, wasn’t hot at all, so I was very much in the mood to just walk around and enjoy the nice views of old buildings. It was refreshing to see those many old buildings still around. Kinda like a small reminder that even though Jakarta is like a big melting pot, it still has it’s own unique tradition that makes Jakarta the way it is right now.
Vest: Thrift market ($1)
Skirt: Thrift market ($1 for 2 skirts)
Belt: Thrift market ($2)

Senin, 18 Agustus 2008

Eating seafood with family

Today was a day out for my family and also Uut’s. Uut’s father and mine are brothers, and we are all very close. Especially Uut and me, we spend lots of time together, and today our family decided to went and eat lunch together at a seafood restaurant near my campus. Very much fun indeed. The food was awesome (I regret that I didn’t prepare my camera for this occasion, because in the middle of the lunch, the battery went off!.... so, no taking pictures of the foods for me..), and we all laughed a lot!

While we were waiting for the food.....

My Funny uncle

My cousin, my dad, my baby brother, and my mom

Jacket: Thrift market ($1,5)

Bag: Thrift market ($2,5)


Last Sunday was Indonesia’s 68th independence day. Uut and me was in the mood to went out and took pictures of one of Indonesia’s landmark, Monas (national monument). So, Sunday morning after we finished our study in YISC,we immediately went to monas. The place was majorly crowded…plus the weather was just too damn hot. But it was very much fun. Happy anniversary, my dearest country.

Monas, 137m-tall obelisk with 35 kilos of solid gold shaped into flames up top

Our national flags, red and white

The flowers from the tree at Monas' park

There is also a section in the park with deers in it!...too cute!

What i was wearing

Dress: Thrift market ($1,5)

Cardi: Thrift market (Elle Sports, $1,5)

Bag: Thrift market ($1)

Jumat, 15 Agustus 2008

With Thena again

Out with Thena again today. To nowhere in particular though. Just some short stops at some places. Feeling bit tired. See ya next time…


Top: Pondok Gede Plaza (about $8)
Pants: Logo Jeans ($20)
Shoes: Pasar Baru (Brunoni, $9)

Lovin my new thrifted bag!
Top: Thrift market ($1 for four)
Cardi: Thrift market ($1,5)
Skirt: Thrift market ($1 for three skirts)
Bag: Thrift market ($1)
Belt: My mom's

Kamis, 14 Agustus 2008

Thena and Dinda

Meet Thena. She’s also one of my closest friend. But due to some complicated things, yesterday was the first time I met her again after months. At some point, I guess she still has doubts of how good of a friend I am to her. Well, all I can say is that I’m really sorry, but you’re doubts are wrong. You’re never gone from my life, and so long as we don’t have any major fists (like you-know-what, Then), then our friendship will forever save until the end of time (Amen to that, sister!).

Anyways, though Thena is not a fan of thrift shopping, I just gotta put her picture in the blog cause for me, her outfit was just super adorable, what with the rompers and cute bolero.

As usual, I’ll end this post by leaving you with some pictures of yesterday’s outfits.


Rompers: Bloop ($15)
Bolero: a factory outlet near her house ($4)
Bag: Giant supermarket ($5)
Sandals: $9

This' what i was wearing when i first came to campus. i thought i just played it simple and save (though i know it's just too boring)

But came night time in campus, i decided to unbotton the vest and add a belt. it did make it looked a little better.

Dress: Thrift market (under $1)

Vest: Dini's

Belt: Ayu's

Brown skirt: Thrift market ($1 for three skirts)

Rabu, 13 Agustus 2008

Under $1?. really

Yesterday Dini went with me again to my campus. I thought I was gonna finished some consultation with my counselor, but nothing really happened after all. We just hang out at one of the canteen in my campus, ate, drank and laughs. Well, after that, we went to this really nice book store located not far from my campus. I bought some books about women for my thesis. Oya, yesterday we played a little mix-and-match to each other. I’m using Dini’s vest and Dini’s using my jacket, belt and necklace. An invitation to one of our reader Ayu, you’re welcome if you wanna join us in a thrifting trip. We’ll show you how fun the thrift market can be ;)

Well, for today’s outfit, I’m going to try to incorporate Dini’s vest again with another one of my clothes…though I still don’t have any idea of what I’m gonna be wearing…well, I guess we’re just gonna have to see, right?

What Dini wore
Black top: Thrift market (Under $1)
What i wore yesterday

Shirt: Thrift market (Under $1)

Vest: Thrift market (Under $1)


This post goes out to answer the question asked by one of the reader, Ayu from AL. well, she asked us about our trips to the thrift market that we always visit. Well, the story is actually very simple, Ayu….both of us love thrift shopping and we feel it fits our style. We feel we can experiment more freely with the clothes and accessories bought in the thrift market. The most important thing is that we really feel liberated by using thrifted clothes because we know that we can be the only one who are using it that way. somehow, thrift shopping has also become our way of life.
well, i do hope this can answer your curiosity. if not, please feel free to ask more to me and Dini. ;)

BTW, i was going to post some pictures from my day out with Dini today. but i don't know why, everytime i try to upload the picture it always fail. i'll try again tomorow though....bye, and good night.....

Sabtu, 09 Agustus 2008

Dini and Dinda's day out again

Yesterday was another day out for Dini and me. We started our day by going to my campus because I still had to finish the registration needed for my study next semester. After we finished, we went to the city to our favorite thrift market. It was so great, the market was very crowded (could it be because it’s the day before the weekend?), but we still very lucky because we can still find lots of good skirts, shirts, cardigans and bags. Well, though I didn’t do any serious counting, but I can guess that our little adventure in the thrift market only costs us less that $20. hahahaha…how I love thrifting!.
Well, anyways, after the thrifting adventure we went to get lunch and then ended our day together at the coffee shop…there’s no better way to end a thrifting adventure than a big cup of iced coffee….

What Dini wore
Vest: Thrift market (under $1)
Batik skirt: A gift from me
After thrifting she then changed to: Shirt: Thrift market ($1 for four shirts)

Skirt: Thrift market ($1 for three skirts)

Lovin the pattern in Dini's skirt....

What i wore yesterday
Blazer: Thrift market (under $1)

Shirt: My mom's

Yellow skirt: Thirf market (under $1)

Kamis, 07 Agustus 2008

Out with baby brother

Today I went with my baby brother to his campus. Anyways, by now you’ve probably familiar with the way I call my younger brother as “baby brother”….well, though he is definitely no longer a baby, I think I will forever see him as a little boy. He’s the youngest of three and also the only son in the family. So, it is clear that he’s very spoiled by the family. Ok, back to today, after finishing things up at his campus, we went back home, but not before we stopped to get lunch. We ate “soto kudus”, which was perfect for the mid weather like today. Well, here’s some pictures from today
The place where we got our lunch

Soto kudus...Yummy

Scallop satay, the side dish

This is what i was going to wear earlier......

.....But this is what i ended up wearing (decided to change the shoes and added a belt and jacket)

Pink top: Thrift market ($1)

Green tank top: ITC Ambasador (under $2)

Bag: Hands-me-down from Ayu

Minggu, 03 Agustus 2008


On Saturday, the family and me went to Bandung because my mom had to attend a work related thingy, after that, we went to our relatives home. It was great for me personally cause I get to visit my dearest cousin-in-law and also beautiful nephews. Well, I guess I can say that Saturday just a very long day for me, what with all the travel and other chorus needed to be done. And on Sunday morning Uut, Yeni and me went to the mosque for some test of reading the Quran. After the test, we went to Uut’s office because we wanted to join them for their visit to the orphanage. Much to my surprise, the orphanage was located in a very deprived area. But it was great to see the smiles in all of the kid’s faces when they were being entertained by the people from Uut’s office. After wrapping things in the orphanage, we went for a short stop cause I need to buy some DVDs. I the night, I helped Uut to followed her ex-boyfriend out. It was such a fun thing. We waited outside her ex-boyfriend’s house for hours, and followed him when he went out. I’m not a very good driver, but being in the position of following someone like that made me became and excellent driver!. I managed to stay closely to his car all the time, and even ended up parking my car side to side to his at the Crown Plaza. Well, very fun,fun,fun two days indeed

My very beautiful nephew, Fauzan

What i wore on saturday

Vest (tucked in): Thrift market (under $1)

Skirt (worn as a top): Thrift market ($1)

Cardi: Thrift market ($1,5)

Bag: Thrift market ($3)

What i wore on sunday Dress: Thrift market (under $1)

Cardi: Thrift market ($1.5)

Bag: Thrift market ($3)